Don Casanova as an individual is known as the face of luxury. The brand 'Don Casanova' is a luxury conglomerate that focuses on high-quality clothes, luxury products, and accessories.

Don Casanova was founded in 2013 by the young architect and entrepreneur Rohit Roy who had a vision of implementing his unique designs & styles. Following his architecture studies in Oxford, Rohit Roy found his passion for designing more than just Infrastructure & interior; Introduced his own style in clothing, fashion & accessories since 2020, inspired from the high grade materials used in his ever growing passion of the luxury automotive industry. With the aim to create a brand which will strive to make new vogue in the fashion industry, he did just that.

Don Casanova is a brand well known on social media, with credits being attributed to Rohit Roy one of the most influential figures in Dubai’s luxury lifestyle. As the face of the brand he is highly followed on social media, whether its Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook. He can be seen partying with celebrities, models, musicians and all the while they’re wearing his latest designs. Creating these strong ties between his brand and the influencers of today’s world has helped Don Casanova to create the youthful, modern image he is known for.

Don Casanova is an online store for headwear, shades and more. Having an ever-growing collection of choices with multiple variants & designs, we have something to offer anyone looking for quality in life. Giving all our focus on 'Don Casanova' products , we are able to offer a store that truly promises the utmost luxury , making it simple and convenient in the search for luxury & high quality products.

We are consistently innovating our products, striving to provide high-grade materials & acceptable service dedicated to the young and enthusiastic. We are continuously working to expand our product line and enhancing our services for our customers. Today Don Casanova has an online store with headquarters in Dubai, reaching worldwide . Several thousands of customers in Dubai have already chosen Don Casanova as their brand of choice, with new customers joining the family every day. From an idea to a multiple national brand Don Casanova is an ever growing enterprise with its unique approach to fashion.